Welcome to Argentina Sports World, a specialist in providing the best sports tours packages in Argentina.

Created in late 2011 by a passionate lover of rugby and golf from Tucuman now living in Cordoba, we are a fantastic and reliable option if you are looking for rugby, golf, hockey, polo or cricket tours in Argentina. We specialise in custom-made tours for individuals, schools, colleges, universities and local club sides of all ages and abilities, organising all aspects of your tour, whatever your requirements.

We have strong, direct and a very trusty relationships with local prestigious clubs, schools, hotels, airlines and DMCs all over the country so we are able to offer the tour that will fit your needs, and your budget too! We will combine your rugby, hockey or cricket games,  golf rounds and polo practices with a fully personalised escape to the destination of your preference.

We stand on a vast and rich history in the Tourism & Leisure Industry. Contact us today for more information about our tours and we will be more than happy to answer any questions and provide you with a superb quote.

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